Why Omni Wellness Group?

Quick, convenient, and professional mental health and behavioral medicine care accessible in one location!

Get convenient access to a wide range of mental health therapies and behavioral care options.

Looking for specialized mental health therapies? Need behavioral medicine care? Convenient access? Telemedicine appointments? Come to Omni Wellness Group!

One Location Offers Access to Complete Mental Health Care

Save time and travel and expedite your mental health and behavioral medicine care.

With the Omni Wellness Group suite of mental health therapies and behavioral medicine care options, you can easily and conveniently access the supportive care you need. From our convenient Troy location and our state-of-the-art telemedicine systems, you have flexible options to meet your personalized care needs. With our 3D telepresence interaction, the nurse practitioner appears life-sized and maintains aligned eye contact while completely focusing on your needs.


We are transforming how you receive mental health and behavioral medicine care and adding convenience and central access right here in Troy! From our blue-dome location, easily accessible from Route 41 and I-75, you can experience a new level of mental healthcare. Meet your mental health or behavioral medicine specialist, receive an infusion, or attend special health education and life learning sessions, all in one location!

Expert Care

The Omni Wellness Group’s Medical Director is a leading experienced physician with an extensive background in telemedicine, family practice and primary care.  Our Nurse Practitioners have diverse medical experiences and specialize in family care and wellness. Our panel of telemedicine specialists are leaders in their specialty and provide knowledgeable support and expertise.  You can count on our team providing the expert care you need, the support you want and the convenience your life demands.

CareAdvice Training

Unique to the Omni Wellness Group, is access to leading health and wellness education programs.  Through our onsite state-of-the-art Omni Theater, we provide sessions, training and learning on a wide variety of important health issues.  Our Omni Theater seats 30 in comfortable, padded chairs, with wireless connectivity, theater sound and an 80″ LCD display.  You can come engage and learn about:

  • Nutrition
  • MS care
  • Diabetic care and important to-dos
  • Wellness planning
  • And much more

Check our monitors for upcoming sessions and times!

Request an Appointment Today!

Getting an appointment with the Omni Wellness Group mental health team is easy. Call our office or complete the Request an Appointment form, and our expert staff will find a convenient time to meet your needs.