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Life is too Short for Long Recoveries.

Omni Hydration is a wellness service provided through the Omni Wellness Group. In one convenient location you can see your primary care physician, get hydration therapy, see a telemedicine specialist and more!

Now you can train like a pro, work like a champ, stay healthy and become the ultimate you!

Discover the science of hydration and the latest approach to optimum health and wellness. We’ll keep you looking and feeling your best with our in-house specialized IV Therapies to maximize your performance, recovery, and health.

With the OmniHydration state of the art modern facility located in Troy, OH we’re just minutes away from the greater Dayton area.

Our IV hydration therapies, booster shots and oxygen help you replenish, recover and rehydrate whether performing in one of our local area’s amateur, collegiate or professional sporting events or having a hard-charging night out. We’ve got you covered, the OmniHydration IV therapy staff are made up of highly trained licensed professionals that take the utmost care to ensure that your service is quick, efficient, and safe to get you back to life or rock another night.

It’s All About the Science

The science of hydration comes down to replenishing levels quickly and efficiently to maximize recovery. IV hydration offers 100% absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and nutrients, compared to only 25% with water and sports drinks. Naturally, it’s ideal for athletic performance and recovery, but it also boosts immunity, increases energy, and reduces the impact of jet lag or the dreaded next day hangover.

IV Absorption



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