OmniAccess™ Telemedicine

A Telemedicine Platform for Today’s Physician Practice

OmniAccess™ Telemedicine can help you meet the convenience and access needs of your patients.

Support and Extend Your Volume of In-Practice Appointments

OmniAccess™, a proven telemedicine platform that allows your physicians to connect with patients via HIPAA-compliant video — from anywhere!

The Omni Wellness Group’s (OWG) special OmniAccess™ provides HD video and 3D presentation without special glasses or goggles. Also, very limited bandwidth is required to support the connection.  OmniAccess utilizes Buffalo Pacific’s patented telemedicine system.

Patient Experience

Enabling scheduled and on-demand access to patients meets the need of your practice and delivers a unique experience and connection to your team.

Scheduled Option

• Patient schedules appointment. 

• Patient receives a text or email with a unique appointment link.

• Patient connects via the link at their scheduled time and is placed into a virtual waiting room.

• Physician connects when ready.

• Physician completes patient appointment.

• Physician enters appointment notes in the EMR, as routine.

Routine Appointments Process

A patient schedules an appointment using your standard scheduling process, noting their preference of video or phone connection. Then using OmniAccess™, at their appointed time, a patient clicks on a link that has been sent prior via text or email.

HIPAA and HITECH Compliant

The platform utilizes state-of-the-art video encryption and secure connections to ensure HIPAA and HITECH compliance with end-to-end patient privacy and security.

Flexible Use

A physician can connect in the office via our OmniStation to create the high-defintion, 3D experience or simply connect from another remote location: home or another office space with a laptop with a built-in camera for an HD experience.

Reliable Connections

Highly reliable video connections due to proprietary Low Bandwidth – High Resolution Technology. Connect in-office or remotely with patients at home!

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Shift your practice to a hybrid environment in which you offer both in-office and telemedicine appointments to meet the convenience and access needs of your patients.