What We Do

Provide patient-centered expert mental health and behavioral medicine care in a convenient setting.

Many people face the uncertainty of their health and wellness, which causes anxiety and discomfort. Our team of behavioral therapists provide confidential and supportive therapy and assistance in a comfortable environment. In the privacy of our behavioral health patient room, identical to every other patient room, you can receive the personalized, professional therapy care you need.

Patient Centered

Saying you are patient-centered is one thing. Actually delivering on the promise is where the Omni Wellness Group is different!

From single-site access to a wide range of mental health therapies, behavioral medicine care, and IV infusion therapy, we truly are focused on the needs of our patients. We save you time, travel, and scheduling headaches while offering convenient, professional, and supportive mental health and wellness care.

Single Site Access

What does single site really mean? It means more mental health service options are available at the same convenient location. By coming to ONE convenient location for a wide array of mental health and behavioral medicine services and support ,you leverage your time and increase your local access to:

  • Mental health therapies
  • Behavioral medicine care
  • OmniHydration IV Infusion clinic

Health Partnerships

We love partnering with local health and wellness providers. Together, we can team up to provide initial and on-going care for the entire Troy region, including primary care, specialist, and hospitalization needs; starting with the mental health assessment and ongoing care provided by Omni Wellness Group!

Our companion company, the Omni Wellness Center, offers direct access to a complete health/wellness, precision medicine, and functional healthcare. This practice does not accept traditional insurance and offers services via a cash-pay membership program.

We accept and share referrals to other providers and work closely with our area hospitals to ensure complete patient mental health and behavioral medicine care and ease of service access.